Demiroğlu Bilim University Faculty of Arts and Sciences has set its goals in order to raise students who are in line with the vision and mission of our university. There are 'Psychology' and 'Molecular Biology and Genetics' departments in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of our university, which was established as a health university. As a faculty, our aim is to train researchers who are equipped with basic and contemporary knowledge and have critical and creative thinking skills.

Within the scope of Molecular Biology and Genetics, the structures and functions of organisms, their relationships with each other and their environment are examined at the molecular level. Our graduates, who find jobs in various places in this field, have practical and research features.

We attach importance to the fact that our psychology graduates have the necessary basic and contemporary knowledge to be able to recognize and understand individuals from different segments of society and to produce solutions. Obligations to make observations in the field and to prepare a graduation project in the last year are activities that prepare them for application and research.

In addition, Erasmus students from European countries we have agreements with come to our university every year, and our own students (for one or two semesters) have the opportunity to get to know different cultures by going to the universities we have agreements with in EU countries as part of the exchange program. In this context, our university offers the opportunity to share scientific knowledge by fusing different cultures.