Florence Nightingale Hospitals School of Nursing

The aim of Demiro─člu Bilim University Florence Nightingale Hospital School of Nursing is to train nurses who have the knowledge, skills and attitudes to provide comprehensive nursing care in the protection, improvement, treatment and rehabilitation of the health of the individual, family and society in line with the basic information about Health Sciences and the health needs of the society.

A holistic, student-centered, competency-based education is maintained in nursing education programs and an interdisciplinary care approach is based.

In our program, which is based on teaching professional ethics, principles and values, theories and models that form the basis of practices; The main aim is to educate graduates who have adopted lifelong learning as a principle, to access information resources on intercultural care, health promotion and evidence-based care.

Nurses can work in family health and community health centers, occupational health and school health programs, hospitals, home care and rehabilitation centers, elderly care and child care centers in accordance with their education and experience. In the care of chronic diseases; They take on important duties as educators in patient education, use and management of health care products.

Our school has been providing undergraduate, graduate and doctorate education since 2006. In the undergraduate program, basic science courses related to Health Sciences, care principles necessary for the protection, development, improvement and rehabilitation of health, professional roles and functions, as well as training in communication, foreign language, education, management, health informatics, research and care management. program is implemented.

Nurses can undertake important duties in all health care centers; oncology nursing, intensive care nursing, emergency care nursing, cardiology nursing etc. They can specialize in fields and continue their education with certificate programs and graduate education programs. The need for specialist nurses is very high in the units that require special care in hospitals, the number of which is increasing day by day. Graduates of our school benefit from job security opportunities in hospitals with a large capacity and working conditions equipped with the highest level of technique within the scope of Istanbul Bilim University Florence Nightingale Group.

Nursing undergraduates can pursue a graduate degree in all branches of nursing through the Institute of Health Sciences of our university and a career in our doctorate program in nursing, which is one of the limited programs in our country.