Graduate School of Social Sciences
Demiroğlu Bilim University, Graduate School of Social Sciences aims to achieve freedom of thought, universality in science and modernity in education. In addition, it is to present innovations and principles in the field of theory and practice in a rapidly changing world to our students, accompanied by ethical principles. Being able to synthesize is as important as accessing, researching and evaluating information. In our institute, based on the motivations of our students, reaching information, conducting research and evaluating; It focuses on gaining efficient analysis and synthesis skills. Basic and current issues in society, individuals and institutions, which are a living phenomenon, are discussed in compulsory or elective courses and examined interactively with possible suggestions. As the Graduate School of Social Sciences, while training researchers with advanced analytical thinking skills, problem solving skills and creative thinking, it is essential that our students gain application skills as sensitive individuals to social problems. Demiroğlu Bilim University, Graduate School of Social Sciences was established in 2009. "Master of Psychology", "Master of Applied Psychology" and "Master of Health Institutions Management" programs were opened within the Institute. Demiroğlu Bilim University Social Sciences Institute is together with young researchers for success, contemporary knowledge and evaluations with its experienced faculty members.