Advanced Endoscopy Application and Research Center

The aim of the center; It provides support for academic studies in terms of the contribution of advanced diagnostic methods to early diagnosis and the evaluation of the prospective effectiveness of minimally invasive treatment methods, and leading the developments in this field by representing our country in the international arena with these academic studies.

With our center, it is aimed to provide training on advanced endoscopy in our country and abroad, thus contributing to the training of physicians who are interested in advanced endoscopy in our country and increasing the number of these physicians. Thus, physicians who apply for education from abroad will be trained in terms of both professional skills and theory, and our country will be included in the international network in this regard.

The Center carries out the following activities to achieve its purpose:

  • It will be one of the most important contributions of our university to increase the place and effectiveness of our university in the scientific community with the activities of the center and the contribution of our university to the literature.
  • In our country, as the feasibility and applicability of advanced endoscopic procedures increase, the accessibility of our society to these treatments will increase, and treatment with minimally invasive treatments in the early period will be one of the most important social contributions.