Career Planning Application and Research Center

The aim of the center is:
To develop the professional and personal skills of Demiro─člu Bilim University prospective students, students and graduates, to gain competency in practice and to carry out educational activities to develop them,

To contribute to increasing the human resources potential and performance of our university and our country by supporting our university students and graduates in planning their careers,

To enable students to connect with institutions where they can do Vocational Education, Internship and Applied Courses in Business, and to research the employment opportunities of our graduates in line with the demands from the business world, to inform students,

To help students make an informed choice and to increase the preferability of the university by providing information to university candidates about associate degree, undergraduate and graduate programs that are compatible with their interests and abilities.

The Center carries out the following activities to achieve its purpose:

  • Developing strategy, policy, project, program and organizational suggestions for career planning and development for university students (associate, undergraduate and graduate) and their graduates and presenting them to the Rectorate; Coordinating and controlling the activities related to the implementation of the approved proposals, 
  • To carry out, coordinate and support educational activities such as courses and certificate programs aimed at providing and developing university students, graduates and employees with the necessary competencies in individual career planning, job search, and presenting their professional and personal knowledge, 
  • Units organizing career activities, student clubs, career days etc. in cooperation and coordination with the student council. planning, organizing or supporting events,
  • To monitor the career development of graduates in business life and update relevant information by cooperating with the Alumni Association of our University and the institutions and organizations where our graduates work. For this purpose, systematically and comprehensively collecting and evaluating employment information such as job placement, continuing education, employer and graduate satisfaction,
  • Organizing national and international seminars, congresses, symposiums, 
  • Students, graduates, businesses and workplaces, etc., to be used in internships and other education and career development activities. To create and operate a Career Development Information Management System, 
  • To develop Vocational Education, Applied Courses and Internship opportunities in Business by building a bridge between university and business life, and to carry out activities to bring students together with business life,