Diabetes Application and Research Center

The aim of the center; To carry out studies and researches at molecular and genetic level in order to control diabetes-related organ damage in Turkey.
To implement new treatment programs. To carry out Langerhans islet transplantation and stem cell studies, to bring together all fields of science related to the subject in line with these principles, to coordinate research and applications in the field of diabetes, both in clinical and basic sciences, and to establish and contribute to the development of a multidisciplinary center of excellence. Creating and implementing research projects.

The Center carries out the following activities to achieve its purpose:

  • To create a general area that can carry out all kinds of scientific cooperation, research and activities with national and international organizations in the field of diabetes, to develop a multi-disciplinary coordination and joint working discipline covering all units working on this issue at the University.
  • Continuing national and international scientific research projects in the field of diabetes, producing and conducting new projects, turning them into scientific publications in journals within the scope of SCI (science citation index), organizing various scientific meetings, other private and public institutions and organizations in the field of clinical and basic sciences on diabetes. and to participate in studies in line with the decisions of the Central Executive Board.
  • To conduct studies on experimental and clinical islet isolation, culture and transplantation of islet of Langerhans and to implement this program.
  • Establishing a stem cell laboratory and conducting studies for the radical treatment of diabetes.
  • To complete the necessary physical and technical conditions determined by international organizations for a multi-disciplinary center of excellence, and to make necessary studies for these organizations to be among the centers of excellence in the field of diabetes and to bring the latest technological tools and equipment to the Center.
  • To provide continuous training to the units providing services in the field of diabetes and health officials within the center, to organize courses, panels, seminars and to issue certificates of participation, success certificates and similar documents, to be determined by the Senate upon the proposal of the Center, and to prepare training handbooks.