Distance Education Application and Research Center

The aim of the center; To conduct research-development and application studies and publications on distance education at the university; To open and develop e-learning-based courses and programs in associate, undergraduate and graduate education and to support the courses given at the University to ensure that they are carried out more effectively and efficiently; assisting in updating professional knowledge by organizing postgraduate education programs through distance education; disseminating knowledge to the society by organizing certificate programs and opening certificate programs in line with the principle of lifelong learning; to make publications for distance education.

The Center carries out the following activities to achieve its purpose:

  • To conduct research and development studies on distance education issues.
  • To prepare the course contents for the internet supported teaching studies carried out by the university.
  • To determine the hardware and software requirements related to distance education and to create the necessary infrastructure.
  • To determine the rules about the teaching plans and course contents of distance education programs, to create or provide offline course content, to make the distance education system ready for students and instructors to use.
  • To provide technical and academic support to students and instructors of distance education programs.
  • To create a question bank about the exams of distance education programs, to organize the exam place, to prepare the exam question booklets, to make the exams and to evaluate the exam results.
  • To organize distance education activities in related faculties, colleges, institutes and research centers, to support these units, to ensure coordination between units, and to determine the principles regarding this subject so that some courses given in formal education programs can be taught via distance education.
  • To organize courses, seminars, conferences and the like that can be done through distance education, to determine and assign the instructors to take part in these programs, to ensure cooperation and coordination