Cell and Cancer Research Center In Vitro Laboratory, Gebze Campus

In our unit, especially cancer cell culture, mesenchymal, induced pluripotent stem cell and neuron cell culture are performed. Differentiation of stem cells in different directions is provided in cell cultures. Especially in cancer cell cultures, different chemical and cytotoxic agents are tested and epigenetic changes on gene expression are evaluated.

Cells obtained from cancer cell culture are transferred to in vivo experimental animals and the same experiments are repeated. Thus, the effects and toxic concentrations of cytotoxic agents can be determined more reliably.

Cells obtained from rats are used for in vitro models of neurodegenerative diseases. In hydrogen peroxide toxicity models, different polyphenol compounds and herbal extracts can be tested quickly. With the Western Blot, PCR, ELISA methods available in our center, changes in protein and gene levels can be analyzed quickly.

In addition, 300 intern students, volunteer researchers, visiting lecturers, assistants, medical specialty students, undergraduate and graduate students come to our center annually. Our visitors not only do experiments, but also gain basic scientific features such as article scanning, article writing, and hypothesizing in our center. As a result of these achievements, especially our undergraduate students write 150-200 compilations per year. These reviews are in our university (FNG Journal of Medicine, FNG Journal of Transplantation) and Assoc. Dr. It is published in The Journal of Experimental and Basic Medical Sciences by Oytun ERBAŞ and brought to the literature.