Spina Bifida Application and Research Center

The aim of the center; To investigate the etiology of Spina Bifida disease, to prevent complications caused by nerve damage due to spinal cord developmental disorder, to solve and treat hydrocephalus and other additional anomalies in the bladder, kidney and brain, and neurogenic, psychological, cardiological and gastrointestinal problems that develop due to these. Studies on the diagnosis of Spina Bifida disease in the intrauterine period, the successful operation of children with Spina Bifida within the first 8 hours after birth, the multidisciplinary follow-up in the form of an accredited service under the discipline of the University in terms of quality standards, and the provision of psychosocial rehabilitation with health services for all kinds of medical examinations and treatments. is to do.

The Center carries out the following activities to achieve its purpose:

  • To follow the technological and scientific developments in the world in medical sciences in the field of Spina Bifida, to support, carry out and conclude research projects.
  • To research and develop molecules that have the potential to take part in the treatment of Spina Bifida, and to carry out studies for application, to increase the physical development and motor skills of individuals with Spina Bifida.
  • To establish a health board committee to determine the degree of disability of Spina Bifida individuals, to prepare health board reports in accordance with the disability criteria classification and the Regulation on Disability Criteria, Classification and Health Board Reports to be Given to the Disabled, published in the Official Gazette dated 30/3/2013 and numbered 28603.
  • To provide research and development funds, to give awards to education, teaching staff, administrative staff and those who serve.
  • To cooperate with national and international organizations that conduct biological and clinical studies in the field of Spina Bifida.
  • To organize scientific activities such as conferences, seminars, congresses and symposiums related to medical research and innovations in medicine in the field of Spina Bifida and to announce the results to the public and relevant institutions.
  • To participate in awareness-raising activities of public institutions and private enterprises about Spina Bifida disease and to publish all kinds of research, scientific reports, bulletins, projects, books, journals and similar publications to support these studies.
  • To provide health services to individuals with Spina Bifida for all kinds of individual medical examinations and treatments. To carry out medical and psychosocial rehabilitation in order to improve the quality of life of individuals with Spina Bifida.
  • To contribute to the education of students and teachers in schools by cooperating with the Ministry of National Education for the solution of health problems caused by Spina Bifida disease.
  • To create opportunities for individuals with Spina Bifida to be placed in higher education institutions according to the degree of disability by cooperating with the Ministry of National Education and OSYM in order for individuals with Spina Bifida to receive education in higher education institutions.
  • To act as official expert and consultancy.
  • To work on raising public awareness on Spina Bifida and scientific research.
  • To train technical medical personnel and scientists.
  • To help raise the health standard of the country by primarily conducting research and applications related to Spina Bifida and human health.
  • To fulfill the duties in the field of Spina Bifida as assigned by the Rector.