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Faculty of Arts and Sciences

The objective of the Psychology program is to educate graduates who can observe and evaluate human behaviors and who have absorbed the principles of theory and practice.
The Psychology Department provides basic knowledge in sub-branches of Psychology (developmental psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology and applied psychology (clinical, industry, health etc.) and provides the conditions for students to observe and recognize the field. The students share their field experiences by discussing the survey reports in the classes. The students are obliged to complete a project about one of the sub-branches of Psychology in the senior year, so that they have the opportunity to examine and gain knowledge thoroughly, related to the field of their interests.
The students are awarded the bachelor's degree of Psychology after completing eight semesters. Our graduates begin their career with scientific thinking, analysis and synthesis skills. They can work in private and public organizations, nursery schools, children’s courts, mental health centers, prisons, all education institutions, nursing homes and hospitals. Also, they have basic knowledge to improve themselves in human resources, advertisement, and public relations.