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I would like to thank firstly to our President, Honorable Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Chairman of the Higher Education Council, Prof. M. A. Yekta Saraç MD, all of the members of Higher Education Council, Chairman of Board of Trustees, Prof. Dr. Cemşid DEMİROĞLU and all the members of the Board of Trustees, who assigned me the important and honorable duty of Demiroglu Bilim University Rectorship. I am aware of the great responsibility and while I present my promise to fulfil this mission successfully, I wish you continue your support.

Health sector is a dynamic field in our age with rapidly emerging science and technology. Turkey is in competition with the world's most developed countries in terms of health human resources and quality and effectiveness of the health services, by following developments in the world in medical education, technology and health. The factors behind this success are established academic institutions, knowledgeable, well-equipped and experienced academicians and, management and business skills of public and especially private sector. Our university, established in 2006 with 20 years’ experience and fund of knowledge of Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals, serves as a model.

Demiroglu Bilim University is Turkey's first and only medical university. Our Medical Faculty have been among the nation's most distinguished Medical Schools. Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Arts and Scıences Department of Psychology, Florence Nıghtıngale Hospıtal School of Nursing, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Nutrition and Dietetics, Midwifery and Health Institutions Management programs, Graduate School of Health Sciences, Graduate School of Social Sciences, Emergency Medicine, Medical Imaging Techniques, Anesthesia, Medical Laboratory Techniques, Medical Documentation and Secretarial, Management of Health Institutions, Home Care, Elderly Care and Dialysis programs in the Vocational School of Health Services have been selected preferably by our conscious and qualified students every year.

Medicine is not only a profession but also a fabulous responsibility for humanity. This sacred and honorable profession, which covers love, respect and confidence, requires a professional approach, exact information and occupational pursuit. The main purpose of medicine is to serve all people for a healthier and happier life.

I want to thank to all our academic staff and Dear Prof. Dr. Cemşid DEMİROĞLU, Chairman of the Board of Trustees and the Turkish Cardiology Foundation, who has always supported us and enlightened us with his leadership.

Üniversitemizin nüvesini teşkil eden Kurucu Mütevelli Heyet Başkanı, İstanbul Üniversitesi Üç Dönem Rektörü, Türk Yükseköğretimine üstün hizmetler vererek kendisini Tıp Bilimine adayan, Cerrahpaşa Tıp Fakültesinin kuruluşunda öncü rolü olup, Kardiyoloji Anabilim Dalını etkin bir biçimde faaliyete geçiren, Kardiyoloji Enstitüsü'nü kurarak yurt dışında yapılmakta olan kardiyovasküler cerrahiyi Türkiye' ye ilk getiren Florence Nightingale Hastanesi kurucusu Merhum Prof. Dr. Cem'i DEMİROĞLU hocamızı da burada rahmet ve saygıyla anıyorum.

I remember with mercy and respect, Prof. Dr. Cem’i DEMİROĞLU, Founding Chairman of the Board of Trustees and founder of Florence Nightingale Hospital. Prof. Dr. Cem’i Demiroğlu, who was the Rector of Demiroglu University for three terms and had the leading role in establishment of Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty, established Cardiology Institute and brought cardiovascular surgery to Turkey.
Our doctors and all other healthcare professionals, who were rewarded with Ghazi Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK's word "Please entrust me to Turkish physicians", have been carrying out this respected and honorable profession devotedly. I want to thank all of them and wish them success in their studies.

Dear students and precious families; we'll walk together in the light of science. I wish you healthy days.

Best regards,,
Prof.Çavlan ÇİFTÇİ, MD