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Demiroglu Bilim University, with the power of Florence Nightingale Hospital's 30 years’ experience and the Hybrid Medical Simulation Center, has the success rate of 70% in examination for specialty in medicine. There is 1 faculty member for every 2 students and 7 beds for a student at our university.

The main objective of medicine is to serve all of the people by facilitating healthier and happier life. That’s why the medicine is not only a profession but also a fabulous responsibility for humanity. This sacred and honorable profession, which covers love, respect and confidence, requires a professional approach, exact information and occupational pursuit within the framework of ethical principles. Medicine is a primary choice of commitment. We have been educating enlightened physicians in our faculty, based on science and technology. We all state “I will show respect for human being’s right to life from the moment of conception until death” of “Hippocratic Oath” in our graduation. We therefore try to treat patients with all our power while struggling to destroy the diseases and to protect healthy people by the light of science and technology. On the other hand while we are trying to extend lives of our patients who suffer from incurable diseases, we also aim to protect the high quality life and to relieve patients’ pain. DemirogluBilim University is the first and only medical university in Turkey, which was founded by Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals with 20 years’ experience and knowledge. Our university takes firm steps forward healthcare sector with 165 physicians, 91 specialist physicians, 73 specialists with master’s degree in health sciences, 92 psychologists, 35 physiotherapists, 40 dieticians 33 midwives, 329 nurses and 1224 health technicians graduates up to the present. 165 physicians, who graduated from our faculty, have the success rate of 70% in examination for specialty in medicine until today and all of them continue their careers to become specialists.